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The most successful people delegate.

Have it all — don't do it all.

Optimize your time and upgrade your business.

Untangle business management through collaboration with a trusted partner.


Like a sidecar to a motorcycle, the right support at your side will give your business more focus, more balance... and more fun!


Ready to make tracks and blaze new trails?


In a collaborative working relationship, it's important to get to know each other to make sure we click. I'll go first!

Hi! I'm Rebekah Rius! My 20+ year career has taken me through advancing job titles and a wide range of corporate and creative industry environments.


As a self-growth enthusiast, I specifically like to work with business owners and organizations who were helping their clients to reach their highest potential.


Over time my business has grown to include a hybrid of direction and implementation. I bring productivity, clarity, and calm to your business and in turn, your life.

Besides me, I have a part-time coordinator to help with fulfillment. I also call in contractors as needed for specific tasks I don't take on (like website development). At the outset of connection, we can discuss if you are ok with this arrangement or if you prefer to work just with me.

Personally speaking: I’m native to Atlanta, GA but a west-coast convert, currently living in Seattle, WA. When I’m not working, I can almost always be found either hiking the PNW trails, curled up with a good book, or having fun with friends and family. (Strong coffee tends to be part of all of the above.)



You’ve worked hard to establish your business, but the potential is maxed out at the current operating level. You are ready to grow and level-up in a strategic way, but need the right support to do so. Here's how I help!


What are we doing?


I'm your gatekeeper...




Create & grow your network...


One more thing checked off the list!


You love what you do. I love what I do.
You are ready to delegate. I am ready to take it on.
Contact me to get started!


TEL: 206-673-3573